Topic: Creativity

Why diversity is hard (and why it’s worth it)

  2 minutes    By:  Columbia Business School, Katherine Phillips

Why creativity takes courage

  14 minutes    By:  Psychology Today, Zorana Ivcevic Pringle

What the research tells us about team creativity and innovation

  15 minutes    By:  Harvard Business Review, Roger Schwarz

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What is human-centered design?

  5 minutes    By:  IDEO

What if? The life changing power of curiosity and courage

  14 minutes    By:  TEDx, Van Lai-DuMone

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Visualize and build a prototype

  120 minutes    By:  The Learning Accelerator

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Unlocking creativity in the name of inclusion

  10 minutes    By:  IDEO

The importance of curiosity and questions in 21st-century learning

  15 minutes    By:  Andrew P. Minigan, Education Week

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The five whys

  15 minutes    By:  IDEO

The business case for curiosity

  20 minutes    By:  Francesca Gino, Harvard Business Review

Teaming up to drive scientific discovery

  17 minutes    By:  Brian Uzzi, TEDx

Rekindling creative purpose

  5 minutes    By:  Principled Innovation® (PI)

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Prototyping ideas for change

  5 minutes    By:  REL West

Principled Innovation Field Guide

  10 minutes    By:  Principled Innovation® (PI)

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Possibility thinking protocol

  30 minutes    By:  Principled Innovation® (PI)

No but, yes and

  15 minutes    By:  Principled Innovation® (PI)

Making curiosity part of the curriculum

  20 minutes    By:  Principled Innovation® (PI)

Learning means changing your mind

  10 minutes    By:  Education Week, Katherine Burd

Leading in uncertain times by empowering others

  10 minutes    By:  Edutopia

Ken Robinson: what is creativity?

  20 minutes    By:  Ken Robinson

Ken Robinson: creativity and curiosity

  2 minutes    By:  Ken Robinson

K-5 Card Deck Activity: Performance character

  30 minutes    By:  Principled Innovation® (PI)

K-5 Card Deck Activity: Creativity

  30 minutes    By:  Principled Innovation® (PI)

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K-5 Card Deck Activity: Altruism

  15 minutes    By:  Principled Innovation® (PI)

How to teach divergent thinking

  20 minutes    By:  UT Austin Faculty Innovation Center

How to hardwire resilience into your brain

  30 minutes    By:  Greater Good Science Center, Rick Hanson

Futures thinking now: examining assumptions about the future

  10 minutes    By:  KnowledgeWorks

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Future headlines

  60 minutes    By:  Principled Innovation® (PI)

Five surprising things you might not know about creativity

  30 minutes    By:  Amber Kane

Empathy Interview

  20 minutes    By:  Principled Innovation® (PI)

Embrace ambiguity

  1 minutes    By:  IDEO

Divergent thinking

  35 minutes    By:  Principled Innovation® (PI)

Designed for engagement

  10 minutes    By:  Edutopia

Design thinking for educators: teacher

  1 minutes    By:  Design Thinking for Educators

Creativity pulse check

  5 minutes    By:  Character Lab


  40 minutes    By:  Psychology Today

Creative resilience

  1 minutes    By:  ASU, Liz Lerman

Convergent thinking versus divergent thinking

  2 minutes    By:  John Spencer

Can you boost your creativity?

  3 minutes    By:  PBS

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