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We design and deliver equitable learning opportunities for all learners, preparing them to be innovative and ethical contributors to the future of education, their communities and a thriving civil society.

Principled Innovation is one of nine design aspirations that guides the ongoing evolution of ASU as a New American University. Practicing Principled Innovation at ASU ensures we place character and values at the center of decisions and actions.

The Principled Innovation Framework originated in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College where it was co-created by faculty, staff, students, and community partners. A generous gift from the Kern Family Foundation in 2017 supported the development of the framework, tools and resources and the college’s efforts to integrate Principled Innovation into the systems of teacher and leader preparation. The Kern Family Foundation continues to support Principled Innovation through another investment to catalyze Principled Innovation across Arizona State University.

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The work centered around Principled Innovation is supported by a generous gift from the Kern Family Foundation.

Our story

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Year one | Defining character

A retreat was hosted in October 2017 for the core planning team members to work alongside Larry Nucci, Marvin Berkowitz, and members of the Kern Family Foundation to continue discussions about the development of the MLFTC definitions and framework for character education.

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Year one | Exploring character through storytelling

Throughout our continuous exploration of character and what it means to us at the Teachers College, the theme of storytelling kept surfacing as a way to understand others’ experiences and situations with navigating the development of character. In May 2018, college faculty and staff were invited to a workshop to learn more about our initiative and “test” the new framework through storytelling.

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Year one | Rethinking educator preparation

Key faculty and staff members participated in two one-week long discussions in May and June 2018 about rethinking the way educators are prepared using a lens of character education and intrapreneurship. Participants asked themselves questions about what educators of today and the future need to know and intentionally designing our curriculum to meet those student needs.

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Year two | Engaging our students

Character Initiatives’ program coordinators presented to the TEL 101 Peer Leaders about the character work being completed at the college as well as facilitated an activity related to character to begin fostering a deeper understanding of our work and the character education framework.

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Year two | Collaborating to advance character

In September 2018, the Character Initiatives Steering Committee had the opportunity to meet with visitors from Central College who were currently on a planning grant of their own to infuse character into their college. Meetings occurred throughout the day to share insights and discuss the character work between both colleges.

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Year two | Context matters

The afternoon events on the first day of a three-day internal conference included a facilitated and interactive panel discussion for about 120 faculty and staff. The panel addressed the importance of context in work around character and made connections between the four character assets and the panel members’ individual work and research.

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Year two | Sharing with partner districts

The following week of June 10-14, 2019, principals and lead teachers from partner school districts around the valley underwent a week long training that was framed around the idea of Principled Innovation. Participants were provided with both the condensed and shortened definition of Principled Innovation. Throughout the week as teams discussed models and what different aspects of the reimagined teacher prep program looked like, the reflection prompts included how the changes within the college reflected principled innovation.

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Year three | Celebrating in community

The Principled Innovation Steering Committee met in December 2019 to connect and reflect on the celebrations and work of the past year and begin looking forward to intentionally connect the work happening throughout the college using the practices of Principled Innovation. This included facilitated experiences and activities from Ron Beghetto and the MLFTC Design Initiatives team.

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Year three | Leading towards the future

A collaborative event, Principled Innovation: Leadership for Today, Tomorrow, and the Future, hosted by both the Learning Futures and Principled Innovation teams was held in late February 2020 for educational leaders. Attendees represented ASU faculty and staff as well as aspiring and current leaders from 18 Arizona districts, charter schools, and the Arizona Department of Education.

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Year three | Navigating uncertainty

Due to COVID-19, the remaining spring sessions for the PI Staff Catalysts shifted and evolved to provide virtual learning sessions. Since this unforeseen challenge presented its own challenges and uncertainty, catalyst design projects adapted, transformed, and remain ongoing within the college. A closing session was held as a culmination of this inaugural experience to provide catalysts the chance to share takeaways, reflections, and feedback. Those details along with much more can be found in the year one report deck.

Our Team

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Cristy Guleserian
Cristy Guleserian
Executive Director, Principled Innovation
Ted Cross
Ted Cross
Executive Director, Office of University Affairs
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Hannah Jennewein
Program Manager, Principled Innovation Professional Learning
Megan K. Hennessy
Megan K. Hennessy
Research Project Manager
Kaley Bontrager headshot image.
Kaley Bontrager
Project Manager, Principled Innovation Events and Operations
Eoline Cary headshot image.
Eoline Cary
Clinical professional
Terri McCoy headshot image.
Terri McCoy
Clinical assistant professor
Enrique Borges headshot image.
Enrique Borges
Program Manager, Principled Innovation Community Learning

Principled Innovation College Catalysts

Bailey Borman
Bailey Borman
Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions
Jared Byrne
Jared Byrne
W. P. Carey School of Business
Daniel Gruber
Dan Gruber
W. P. Carey School of Business
Liz Lerman
Liz Lerman
Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts
Justin Stritch
Justin Stritch
Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions
Marcos Voss
Marcos Voss
Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

Principled Innovation Program Managers

Lisa Manning
Lisa Manning
Dreamscape Learn
Lisa Molloy
Lisa Molloy
ASU Prep Digital
Jaron Neal
Jaron Neal
Educational Outreach and Student Services

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