Civic character


1. Civic vision

The desire to understand and work with others reminds us that we are social beings who thrive in community. Solutions to our challenges, big and small, are better for all involved when they address and integrate the needs and cultural wealth of the impacted communities.

Woman reading book to group of children.

2. Civic assets

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Graphic illustration of perspective taking.

Perspective taking

Graphic illustration of altruism.


Graphic illustration of civility.


Graphic illustration of inclusivity.


3. Civic practices

Group of ethnic people in traditional clothes posing and smiling.

Understand culture and context

Before launching into problem-solving mode, let's understand the culture and context surrounding a change or innovation that we’re looking to make.

Three women wearing scarves looking to the left.

Engage multiple and diverse perspectives

By inviting different voices into the conversation, we can generate more and better ideas and create inclusive ways forward.