Start your journey here

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01. Choose your path

Principled Innovation has four pathways to creating positive change for humanity. Pick the pathway that inspires you and let us join your learning journey.

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02. Explore the roadmap

Now that we are on the same path, let’s take our first step together. Use our roadmaps to guide you on your journey to creating positive change and advancing innovation in education.

Moral pathway


Nurture moral and ethical decision makers who are committed to systemic equity and approach problems with empathy, humility, honesty and fairness.

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Civic pathway


Foster civically engaged, caring individuals who seek out different perspectives and work for and with the community to understand challenges and create solutions.

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Intellectual pathway


Cultivate informed learners and curious critical thinkers who ask the right questions, seek out evidence-based answers and take a systems view.

A mother reading to her children.

Performance pathway


Prepare resilient, courageous leaders who navigate uncertainty, collaboratively solve complex problems and design creative solutions for education.

Coworkers collaborating