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Resources to practice Principled Innovation

Consultancy Collaborative

The Consultancy Collaborative is a collective feedback process that aims to gather critical and compassionate feedback through a structured, facilitated process. This process allows for pausing during the design of projects and curriculum in order to hear feedback from peers and colleagues. This process is a longer form protocol that will culminate in a two-hour (max) session. It provides steps to facilitate this process with a team from the beginning (set up and pre-work) to the end (debrief and next steps).

Possibility thinking protocol

This protocol was developed to help teams generate possibilities and proactively address potential problems before taking action.

Empathy interview

Gain valuable insights into how other people experience a problem or challenge. Use insights to inform and design solutions that meet the needs of people and avoid missing important information that makes the difference between a successful solution and an unsuccessful one.

Design process videos

The question, “We can innovate, but should we?” is at the heart of Principled Innovation and is particularly important to the work of designing for systems change in education. We believe that educational design needs to be driven by an explicit commitment to a deeper set of values and ethical principles. Educational design infused with the principles of PI becomes a way of enacting character, and thus a part of our everyday educational practice.

The first video introduces the model and offers a relatively abstract view of how PI and educational design work. The next video shows the application of the model in three different contexts, pointing to the versatility of the model. These applications are presented in increasing order of scale and complexity and include: a new teacher seeking to teach about fractions; a school seeking to improve parent-school relationships; and finally a college of education seeking to redesign an entire teacher preparation program.

Practice civic character

Are you looking for ways to support the learners in your life or develop your own civic assets? Check out this nanocourse for activities, readings and other short tips to engage and nurture civic assets.

Principled Innovation-Infused Learning Experience Workbook

This workbook introduces various reflective activities to deepen understanding and application of Principled Innovation in any assignment, project, discussion and activity used in learning environments. This workbook is designed to be worked through in a slide deck format to complete reflections. Utilize the link below to download a copy of the slides for personal use.