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Mapping systems

The practice of mapping allows us to build our understanding of the parts, people, and interactions that make up a system, which can then lead to generating more context-specific and productive innovations. Use these prompts and suggestions from the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Agency by Design initiative to engage a group of participants in mapping a system and digging into its complexities. This can be used in tandem with the Thinking Routines available on their website, in particular Parts, People, Interactions.

Yellow abstract painting


   60 minutes

   By: Harvard Graduate School of Education

   Educator-prep | Leader-prep

Making connections:

Principled Innovation asks us to work with others and recognize the limits of our own knowledge so that we can better understand and tackle the complex issues our communities face.

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Group work reflection questions


  5 minutes

  By: Gifted Guru

What’s a value or principle you live by?


  1 minutes

  By: Ethics Centre

Resolve conflict at work


  20 minutes

  By: Greater Good Science Center

K-5 Card Deck Activity: Collaboration


  15 minutes

  By: Principled Innovation® (PI)

When problem-solving is a problem


  20 minutes

  By: Harvard Gazette

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