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Four ways that social support makes you more resilient

Resilience has been found to be deeply connected to the social systems that we are part of. While social systems such as communities and schools contain a mixture of positive and negative characteristics, resilience involves finding connections with others who can lift our spirits and strengthen us. The PI asset of collaboration, therefore, plays a central role in supporting the resilience which in turn supports Principled Innovation. In this article, Jill Suttie, a psychologist with UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, highlights the connection between resilience and our social support systems.


   20 minutes

   By: Greater Good Science Center, Jill Suttie

   Educator-prep | K-12 educators

Making connections:

Principled Innovation asks us to work with others and recognize the limits of our own knowledge so that we can better understand and tackle the complex issues our communities face.

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