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Slice of PI

This podcast showcases the work being done within the college with an eye to Principled Innovation. Principled Innovation is the ability to imagine new concepts, catalyze ideas and form new solutions guided by principles that create positive change for humanity. This show looks to the process of changemaking — not just the clean and polished side of doing new things, but taking a look at the messier side of innovation. Each episode will hear directly from faculty, staff and students, and delve into a different area of work within the Teachers College.

Hosts dive into the first episode talking with members of the Student Success Team (SST) at the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College and learn how they support students by incorporating principled practices.

As a follow-up to the first episode, hosts sit down with Erica Mitchell, Executive Director of Student Services, to dive deeper into the story of the Student Success team and talk more about what happened next.

Hosts sat down with Dr. Sean Leahy, Director of Technology Initiatives, and Jodie Donner, Lead Technology Strategist and Head of IgnitED Labs, to talk about the design and creation of the labs at MLFTC.

This is part two of a conversation with Dr. Sean Leahy, Director of Technology Initiatives, and Jodie Donner, Lead Technology Strategist and Head of IgnitED Labs, about the creation and development of the IgnitED Lab spaces at MLFTC.

In this episode, hosts chatted with faculty members, Kelly Owen and Will Butler, about how teaching in teams with distributed expertise is one way MLFTC is meeting the challenges in education today.

Hosts chatted with Ruhi Khan, project director in the Center for Advanced Studies in Global Education at MLFTC, about her work with teachers and educational leaders from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and her ability to continue offering support and guidance through the pandemic by immersing herself in their culture and environment to best meet their needs.

In this episode, hosts sat down with Dr. Punya Mishra, Jennifer Stein, Lisa Wyatt and Ben Scragg, all members of the Design Initiatives team from Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College who partnered and collaborated with the Kyrene School District in designing what ultimately became known as SPARK School.

Continuing the SPARK School conversation, hosts chatted once again with Jennifer Stein, Lisa Wyatt and Ben Scragg to talk about the challenges they faced during the design project and their process of making shifts and adjustments along the way to mitigate consequences.

Value Laden

Hear from educational leaders as they share what contributed to the development of their personal ethical compass and how these value systems influence their professional work leading an educational organization. We talk about the dilemmas they struggle with and how they maintain integrity to their vision, in a complex messy world.  

Value Laden recognizes that the work of educators and educational leaders is inherently valuable and is also meaningless without a discussion of the deeper values we bring to this work. This podcast reaffirms that education is moral work and strives to better understand how we can integrate practical wisdom into the next generation of educational leadership. 

Hear from a range of voices, educators and education leaders with diverse backgrounds and experiences, personal histories and motivations. What connects all of them is clarity of moral vision combined with a deep commitment to learners and learning.

Dr. Shawn Loescher, CEO of Urban Discovery Schools in San Diego, has a conversation with Dr. Punya Mishra about his formative educational and professional experiences, including the influence of his family, his time in college studying music alongside subjects like philosophy, and his experiences working abroad in the Czech Republic and Slovakia following the Velvet Revolution, during a time of great political upheaval there.

Karen Bohlin, head of the Montrose School, an independent girls school in Massachusetts, talks with Punya Mishra about her views on the role that schools and education should play in fostering human flourishing and developing practical wisdom in students and educators. Bohlin explores the past influences in her life and her career path, as well as the power of literature to help us understand character.