Designing for Principled Innovation

We sat down with Dr. Punya Mishra, Jennifer Stein, Lisa Wyatt, and Ben Scragg to talk about the Kyrene Project. Over the course of about ten months, the Design Initiatives Team from Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College collaborated with the Kyrene School District in designing what ultimately became known as SPARK School.

For more information on what SPARK has become, visit: kyrene.org/sparkschool

For more information on the Design Initiatives team, and the Kyrene project, go to: https://learningfutures.education.asu.edu/design-initiatives/projects/kyrene-designing-new-school-model

As for the Teapot Dome Scandal, it was Warren G. Harding. (Ben was spot on.)


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Benjamin Scragg

Dr. Carole Basile

Jennifer Stein

Dr. Punya Mishra

Lisa Wyatt