Teaching in teams


Teaching in teams with distributed expertise is one way MLFTC is meeting the challenges in education today. In this episode, hosts chatted with faculty members, Kelly Owen and Will Butler, about how they are working to tackle that initiative. Both Kelly and Will have been at the forefront of this work that has embodied Principled Innovation from the beginning in the way they’re understanding the student experience and flipping traditional models to better meet the needs of all students. They are continuously reflecting, adapting, and making changes to their work to better support MLFTC students as well as the environment around them. This episode also dives into how the uncertainty they faced during the pandemic and how it shifted their work to reduce the consequences and harm to MLFTC students and the broader community around them.

Reflection questions

  1. How does team teaching support the role of teachers? How does it support student needs? 
  2. How does this model change the way content is taught vs. a traditional model? 
  3. How might this model support diversity and equity in the classroom? 
  4. How did reflection and considering the big picture help the team create systems change?
  5. What were the unintended consequences and how did the team navigate them? 
  6. How was Principled Innovation integral to the development of their new model? What ideas did it promote within their goals for change? 
  7. What character assets are essential to develop for team teaching?