Reflecting on the messiness of changemaking and innovation


As a follow-up to the first episode, hosts sit down with Erica Mitchell, Executive Director of Student Services, to dive deeper into the story of the Student Success team and talk more about what happened next. This conversation really showcases the messiness that is involved in changemaking and innovation as well as the multi-faceted steps taken to address challenges along the way. Erica and her team engaged in reflective practices throughout the process in order to keep their values and vision at the forefront. The team also navigated uncertainty and unforeseen dilemmas along the way that required possibility thinking and ethical decision making to make the best possible choice for students.

Reflection questions

  1. Why is it important to reflect upon unintended consequences of innovations? 
  2. How did the SST navigate uncertainty on a new team, and in new roles? 
  3. When the SST was faced with a challenge, how did they make sure their response was aligned with their mission? 
  4. How did the SST employ self or group reflection in their vision?
  5. How did the SST have to shift their goals for the current context of the college?
  6. How did the director of the SST make informed and ethical changes to their team and approaches? 
  7. How did the director’s self-reflection factor into her approach?