Reflecting on designing creative solutions


Continuing the SPARK School conversation, hosts chatted once again with Jennifer Stein, Lisa Wyatt and Ben Scragg to talk about the challenges they faced during the design project and their process of making shifts and adjustments along the way to mitigate consequences. Both teams from MLFTC and Kyrene School District continually engaged in reflective practices throughout the design process to critically and compassionately critique the steps and activities they engaged in while prototyping. During this episode, the MLFTC team also reflects on the process of risk-taking and innovation when it comes to thinking big to design a school for the future.

Reflection questions

  1. How did the team approach the challenges they faced in this project? 
  2. How did the team work to mitigate consequences as they made shifts in the systems? 
  3. What was the focus of the team’s reflection? How did they reflect critically and compassionately on the current school model? 
  4. What creative solutions were proposed, but not pursued? What was the benefit of ideating on such grand schemes? 
  5. How does this support a culture of risk-taking? What is the benefit of breaking away from assumptions?