Advancing innovation in education to create positive change for humanity

How? By placing character at the core of our decisions and actions.

The Principled Innovation® Framework

guides our ability to imagine new concepts, catalyze ideas and form new solutions, guided by principles that create positive change for humanity.

You may ask:

How does PI work?

Explore the Principled Innovation® Framework to see how the four domains of character are expressed through assets and practices.

How do I use it?

The Principled Innovation® Framework helps educators, leaders, students and communities navigate challenges to find the best path forward.

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Character adds purpose to innovation

Character is formed over a lifetime through experiences, relationships, actions and the context in which we develop and operate. It is made up of our values and beliefs. For each of us, our character drives and shapes our daily interactions with others, the decisions we make about how to be in the world and the actions we take in our personal and professional lives.

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Human flourishing is the goal

By practicing Principled Innovation, we make it possible for humans and communities to flourish. As our character develops over time, we learn to make decisions and take actions that align with our values. This practical wisdom guides us in situations where there is no clear “right” answer or action. It supports us in taking a principled approach to innovation.

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Along the way is the dynamic process of becoming

We believe that character is not fixed or rigid — it is fluid, personal and constantly evolving. Through our experiences in different environments, we come to understand ourselves and others. Not only do these experiences affect our choices, actions and development as individuals, but we as individuals also shape our environments.

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