Children drawing on a very large sheet of paper

Principled Innovation

Principled Innovation places values, ethical understandings, and our own character at the core of any innovative idea, decision or solution we might pursue.

We can innovate, but should we?

Principled Innovation is the ability to imagine new concepts, catalyze ideas and form new solutions, guided by principles that create positive change for humanity. It’s character in action.

Through Principled Innovation, we design and deliver equitable learning opportunities for all learners, preparing them to be innovative and ethical contributors to the future of education, their communities and a thriving civil society.

Our framework for Principled Innovation in the Systems of Educator and Leader Preparation embraces our active approach to cultivating the practical wisdom necessary to create positive change in education and in society. By practicing Principled Innovation in everything we do, we are better able to develop moral, civic, intellectual and performance assets that guide us as we take action to positively affect the lives and learning of others.

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