Responding to crisis with character


The COVID-19 pandemic posed tremendous global challenges in providing quality educational experiences for students. Veteran educators at Arizona State University share how they adapted their teaching and leadership styles to navigate the uncertainty of the Fall 2020 semester. Their approaches to address student well-being, engagement, and learning were  guided by self-reflection and character assets such as humility, gratitude, resilience, and service.

Reflection questions

  1. What are the common character assets shared between the faculty featured in this video?
  2. What role did community and common humanity play in the approaches engaged by the faculty members?
  3. How might practicing mindfulness support the development of character assets?
  4. What are the examples of faculty modeling moral, civic, intellectual and performance assets for their students?
  5. What are the examples of humility illustrated in this video? What does it mean to engage humility as an educator? 
  6. How might the practice of gratitude help educators to navigate uncertainty?
  7. How might developing moral assets such as humility and compassion contribute to resilience in the face of challenges?