A school built for change


Canyon View High School is an example of innovative architecture and space, but the building is simply a representation of the heart of the school community. It’s the humanity in the building that makes it special. This is a story about the culture of a school community and the humans who make up that culture. It’s about leadership that weaves clear values and humility into all aspects of the learning environment to develop a strong culture of trust and respect between administrators, teachers, students and families. The culture at Canyon View has teachers and students reinvigorated about teaching and learning because they are encouraged to do things differently, take risks and experience failure as an important part of learning through experience. Students who have been challenged in the past are nurtured, supported and trusted which leads to better outcomes for all.

Reflection questions

  1. Why is this an example of Principled Innovation?
  2. Which character assets are exhibited in this story? What are examples of these assets in action?
  3. How do core values guide the culture at Canyon View?
  4. How does the culture at Canyon View change the way students and educators feel about learning and teaching? How might this change nurture character formation in its students and educators?
  5. How does the physical space impact the values of the students and educators at Canyon View?
  6. How might the way values are lived at Canyon View impact the way educators and students perceive themselves?