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Reasoning and practice

Resources to integrate reflection into personal and professional practice

Principled Innovation continuum

The practice of Principled Innovation provides opportunities for individual and organizational development within the moral, civic, intellectual and performance assets.

The Principled Innovation continuum can be used as a reflective tool for individuals, teams and organizations to identify the degree to which they are currently engaging in the practices of Principled Innovation and embodying the four assets.

A guide to decision-making through Principled Innovation

This guide outlines one possible process to integrate Principled Innovation into decision-making through the use of generative and reflective questions. The questions act as prompts to explore situations from multiple angles and anticipate intended and unintended consequences prior to taking action. Starting a new reflective practice can be challenging. Try to continue moving through the process without getting stuck on one specific step.

Generative and reflective question card deck

Explore questions designed for individual and group reflection to engage character as part of the decision-making process when designing for systems change or addressing daily dilemmas and challenges. Intentional reflection on experiences contributes to the development of practical wisdom.

A guide to goal-setting through Principled Innovation

EDGE Conversations are designed to be future-focused and employee-led. This is a conversational approach in which employees engage their supervisors in discussing key accomplishments, outlining future goals and objectives, identifying possible barriers to success, suggesting ideas and innovative solutions, and developing the strong relationships needed for workplace flourishing. This goal-setting guide is a tool designed to gain deeper insight by integrating Principled Innovation generative and reflective questions.