Value driven decision-making and reflection


This is part two of a conversation with Dr. Sean Leahy, Director of Technology Initiatives, and Jodie Donner, Lead Technology Strategist and Head of IgnitED Labs, about the creation and development of the IgnitED Lab spaces at MLFTC. This episode takes a closer look at how the technology was selected for the spaces and the role students play in the labs. It builds on how the team incorporated the fundamental moral and intellectual assets of the college to create their space. The team wanted to ensure their technology was diverse and inclusive, not only for everyone utilizing them, but also in the manufacturing and sourcing of the technology. It was also vital to the team to engage students throughout the development process of the labs as well as the day-to-day operations.

Reflection questions

  1. What role did students play in the design of the IgnitedED Labs? 
  2. Why was it important to employ multiple voices from around the college? How is this an example of a Principled Innovation? 
  3. How did the team reflect critically about their space, and the intended and unintended consequences about the technology they chose to be part of the space? Why is it important to be clear about morals and values when reflecting?
  4. How did the team use their own fundamental values in these decisions?