Using values to guide student success


Hosts dive into the first episode talking with members of the Student Success Team (SST) at the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College and learn how they support students by incorporating principled practices. The SST helps with everything from mental health and academics, to finances and career planning. Realizing how many diverse obstacles students face, the team saw a need to shift their vision and redesign their structures to best support students. This was a multi-year process that began with the team identifying their core values and endeavoring to better understand the student experience and context through interviews and data collection. The SST began collaboratively designing new systems and supports to meet the lofty goal of attaining a freshman retention rate of 90% by truly understanding the challenges students face and experience.

Reflection questions

  1. How has the SST improved support for students? 
  2. What assets of Principled Innovation do you see in this story? 
  3. Why is student success important to student retention? 
  4. How did the SST employ voices from within the college to ensure they had the best support for students? 
  5. How did the SST utilize previous data to improve support processes? 
  6. How did the SST employ systems thinking practices in their improvement efforts? 
  7. How did the SST connect to the context of a teacher prep program to personalize help for future teachers?