Global education in a pandemic


Hosts chatted with Ruhi Khan, project director in the Center for Advanced Studies in Global Education at MLFTC, about her work with teachers and educational leaders from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and her ability to continue offering support and guidance through the pandemic by immersing herself in their culture and environment to best meet their needs. Ruhi also shares her experiences participating in the very first cohort of the Principled Innovation Staff Catalysts and how she has been intentionally incorporating Principled Innovation into her work. She details how that experience of learning and understanding the practice of Principled Innovation is an integral part of the way she now approaches her work, especially throughout the changes and shifts during the pandemic.

Reflection questions

  1. How does this example show the way that context influences learning environments? 
  2. How did reflection and Principled Innovation inform the process? What practices and character assets do you see showing up in this story? 
  3. How were participants supported? 
  4. Why were reflection opportunities for participants and leaders important? 
  5. How was an intentional teaming approach utilized to meet student needs? What were the benefits to learners? 
  6. How did the team work to understand culture and context in this process? How did it affect learning accommodations?