Designing for Principled Innovation


In this episode, hosts sat down with Dr. Punya Mishra, Jennifer Stein, Lisa Wyatt and Ben Scragg, all members of the Design Initiatives team from Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College who partnered and collaborated with the Kyrene School District in designing what ultimately became known as SPARK School. Over the course of about ten months, this team worked alongside members from the district to imagine the possibilities around what a school looked like and how it operated today. The two teams collaborated to identify the values that would drive their process of design. Understanding the community and context, seeking and interviewing diverse perspectives, and developing various possibilities and prototypes were all part of the process this team engaged in to design SPARK School.

Reflection questions

  1. How did the team practice empathy and keep the end user in mind when designing creative solutions? How did this differ from past approaches? 
  2. How did the team consider culture and context when designing? How did they adapt their goals as the process grew? 
  3. What fundamental values were considered in their ideation process? 
  4. How was the student’s perspective, or other perspectives, considered in decision-making? 
  5. How did the team take the future into consideration as they designed and planned?