Creating a meaningful space for technology


The IgnitED Labs are creative spaces where users can explore and play with new and emerging technologies that can serve a role in teaching and learning. Hosts sat down with Dr. Sean Leahy, Director of Technology Initiatives, and Jodie Donner, Lead Technology Strategist and Head of IgnitED Labs, to talk about the design and creation of the labs at MLFTC. The process of developing the labs was guided by Principled Innovation in their endeavor to better understand the people who would be engaging in the spaces as well as the larger environment around them. The team began with an idea and engaged in a design process that encouraged reflection and collaboration throughout an uncertain process to imagine all of the possibilities in building a space to create positive change around education and technology.

Reflection questions

  1. How is the IgnitedED Lab reimagining the traditional computer lab space in a way that is meaningful for learners? 
  2. How does the lab support critical reflection about the ways we use technology? 
  3. How could the IgnitedED Lab shape teacher outlooks toward technology? 
  4. How did this approach support the context of teacher education? 
  5. What examples of Principled Innovation do you see in this story? 
  6. How does this space support teacher’s voices for ethical use of technology in the classroom? 
  7. How was the space designed to support flexibility and active learning techniques? What other aspects of diversity are supported within the space?