Children participating in a demonstration given by their teacher

Utilize moral and ethical decision making

We utilize moral and ethical decision making by courageously making decisions aligned with our values, even when it’s hard, and looking past our own interests to consider how our choices affect others.

We make many decisions on a daily basis that can affect the lives and learning of other people. Some are small and seem insignificant, while others are true dilemmas. Even in urgent situations, it’s essential to consider the moral and ethical implications of our decisions and address any conflicting values in a way that is inclusive and authentic.

Cultivating knowledge

Below is a collection of video and audio case studies that highlight this practice in action.

Reasoning and practice

Engage in reasoning and reflection with the following questions to immerse yourself in this practice:

  1. How are you considering your own biases and how they affect the decisions you make?
  2. What actions are you taking to remove the barriers your biases impose?
  3. How do you consider your values when making decisions?
  4. How might you consider the effect your decisions have on others?
  5. How do you know you have considered all options?
  6. Could your decisions be perceived as unethical by others?
  7. What ethical concerns or implications exist in the decisions you need to make?
  8. How are you ensuring the intrinsic worth of people is being valued in an equitable and just way?


The activities and resources below were designed for individual and group development of the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to engage this practice.

Moral dilemmas are situations in which two or more moral values are in conflict with each other and the nature of the decision we must make forces us to abandon one or more of our values. Use this activity to practice navigating moral dilemmas either through individual or group reflection.

Time required: 30-60 minutes

Television shows, movies and news stories are full of dilemmas and challenges that can be used as a catalyst for discussions around moral and ethical decision making. Use this activity to engage moral imagination and begin to explore how our decisions impact others.

Time required: 2-4 hours (can be divided into multiple activities)