People working on a project

Engage multiple and diverse perspectives

We engage multiple and diverse perspectives by inviting different voices into the conversation to generate more and better ideas, expanding our thinking and creating inclusive and sustainable ways forward.

While it can be tempting to make decisions alone or with a group of like-minded people, involving different, and even conflicting, perspectives can lead to more equitable and sustainable outcomes. It may feel complicated or time-consuming, but when we fully engage with a spectrum of viewpoints, we are more likely to innovate in a way that better fits everyone’s needs.

Cultivating knowledge

Below is a collection of video and audio case studies that highlight this practice in action.

Reasoning and practice

Engage in reasoning and reflection with the following questions to immerse yourself in this practice:

  1. Whose perspectives, different from your own, are you seeking to inform your work and your thinking? Are there others in your network you might engage?
  2. How do you listen and remain open to all perspectives?
  3. How are you recognizing and acknowledging what others are experiencing?
  4. How might you check your assumptions and learn more about the experiences that shape others’ perspectives?
  5. What kinds of partnerships do you need to establish to ensure your work supports the context in which you operate?
  6. What opportunities might you seek out to view the world through different perspectives?
  7. How might you contribute to an environment where everyone feels safe to share ideas, thoughts, needs and concerns?
  8. How might you ensure you are practicing authentic communication and nurturing collaborative relationships?


The activities and resources below were designed for individual and group development of the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to engage this practice.

This activity is an icebreaker to facilitate connections between people in a group. It can be used in a classroom or work setting, with groups of about four to ten people, and minimal supplies.

Time required: 30 minutes

In order to foster connection and a sense of community, it is important to create space for diverse perspectives. This interview activity will help us understand lived experiences, preconceptions, and cultural influences related to attitudes about education.

Time required: 20 minutes