Civic assets support a collaborative approach to solving systemic problems in order to contribute to the well-being of others and serve the public good.

A teacher with a therapy dog reading to kids in the library

The desire to understand and work with others reminds us that we are social beings who thrive in community. Solutions to our challenges, big and small, are better for all involved when they address and integrate the needs and cultural wealth of the impacted communities.

Recognizing others’ needs and seeking their general well-being and success.

Treating others with sincere respect and as members of a shared community, including those who may challenge our beliefs or opinions.

Perspective taking
The ability to take on another’s point of view to better understand how they think or feel and consider options we may have initially missed due to our positionality.

Seeking to create environments which respect, bring together, and build upon the multiple perspectives, lifestyles and experiences of each member of the community.

The practices closely aligned with civic character assets are:

Understand culture and context

Engage multiple and diverse perspectives