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About our work

Principled Innovation is the core value that drives our work at Arizona State University’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. It provides a frame for engaging moral, civic, intellectual and performance practices as we make decisions and take actions that affect the lives and learning of other people.

Through Principled Innovation we aim to: 

  • Nurture ethical and moral decision makers who are committed to systemic equity and approach problems with empathy, compassion, integrity and an appreciation of different perspectives.
  • Foster civically engaged humans who work in teams to create future-minded solutions for and with the community.
  • Cultivate informed learners and creative critical thinkers who ask the right questions and use evidence-based resources for answers.
  • Prepare resilient, quality educators who navigate uncertainty, collaboratively solve complex problems and use their moral, civic, intellectual and performance assets to design new models for education.

Connect with us

Email: pi@asu.edu

Phone: (480) 727-1047

The work centered around Principled Innovation is supported by a generous donation from the Kern Family Foundation. 

Evolution of our work

Year one

Principled Innovation's year one storymap

Year two

Principled Innovation's year two storymap

Year three

Principled Innovation's year three storymap